Switch by Fort Street Studio


Switch is a rug by Fort Street Studio combining in one tone two different textures, shaggy and flat-weave, the design creates a painterly and almost sculptural effect. The drawing itself echoes a switchback on a road, thus the name. These carpets are created in a village in Northern Thailand that grows the silk worms, harvests the cocoons, processes the silk threads and hand-reels the yarn. The yarns are custom dyed in small lots and hand-woven into luxurious carpets of up to 16’ x 29’ or 4.85 m x 8.85 m, after which they are washed and finished. Each has the luminosity, luster, and softness for which Thai silk is world famous. The production is limited: the mill of the village weaves exclusively for Fort Street Studio in the limited quantity of 1,500 square feet or 140 square meters per year.