Quotes by Kvadrat

BRAND Kvadrat
DESIGNER Alain Biltereyst
Kvadrat presents Quotes, a high-end residential collection consisting of 16 curtains and 6 rugs. Within the collection, designs crafted in collaboration with acclaimed artist Alain Biltereyst – all named Untitled – translate the iconic graphic language of his abstract geometric paintings into the medium of soft, fluid textiles and rugs. The nuances of the rugs, Untitled AB11, Untitled AB12, Untitled AB13, Untitled AB14 and Untitled AB15, each available in two colors, range between a number of hues, from Slate to Pink, from Celestia to Grass Green, from Sun Light to Red Earth and Deep Blue, Shadow and Sand. The six curtains, called Untitled AB1, Untitled AB2, Untitled AB3, Untitled AB4, Untitled AB5, and Untitled AB6, complete the collection.