Angelo M by Alinea Design Objects

Designed by Leo Aerts and made by Serafini for Alinea Design Objects, Angelo M is a round or oval table in natural stone which features a sculptural form, sturdy material, an elegant line and a refined finish. The collection consists of dining tables, low and side tables that are made to order and individually. Each table, produced in various types of marble and finishes (Kyknos, Picasso Green, Port Saint Laurent, Rosso Lepanto, Travertino Silver…), is manually finished on all sides by talented craftsmen to meet the highest quality requirements. The tables are completely sanded with a very fine grain, which makes the marble feel extremely soft and pleasant. Because of the natural character of marble, each model has a unique drawing and color. This unique aspect is further emphasized by the signing of each table. The dining tables are additionally numbered at the top of the base, making each piece a valuable object with extra meaning and lasting value for future generations.