Lizzy by Arflex

BRAND Arflex
DESIGNER David Dolcini
"The roots are solid, enclosing strength and essentiality. Stems and leaves are playing and brushing against one another to then take different directions." In the Lizzy chair there is a strong reference to structures and trends typical of the natural world. The Arflex project was born with a strong sustainable vocation. It is one of the few chairs on the market made with the use of only seven unique elements of solid wood, with an additional element of the seat constructed in curved plywood. The unique construction of the chair, with the four legs that are grafted individually in the solid wood backrest,increases the strength of the entire structure, allowing a reduction of sections and therefore less use of material. The use of steam bending of the wood, as the main technique applied for the creation of the product, results in the minimization of the waste of solid wood. The structure is in solid bended Ash, while the seat is in multilayer beech plated Ash.