Just as in origami paper is folded to create shapes, so in Aeeri, design Peter Kunz for Pedrali, a single sheet of steel is folded to create a slender, sculptural table. Thin and light, it transforms the table into a gesture, tracing the line of a profile that enhances its true essence. The result is a pure and clean table, a synthesis of delicacy and strength, created by pure magic. Illusionistic in the proportion of its forms, it is a monocoque construction inspired by high-tech engineering. The table is made of a single sheet of folded steel, 1 mm thick, bent to create a rigid and resistant table top, yet one that is just as stable on uneven floors in a studio as it is in a dining room. Finished in black, white or red painted steel, the top is combined with metal legs, available in two heights, for an industrial look, or with FSC-certified European oak wood legs in natural or black finish. Constructed from only five lightweight and sustainable components, even its packaging is designed to be as thin as possible, reducing its environmental impact even in the shipping phase. When its life cycle comes to an end, Aeeri can be easily disassembled for recycling.