Amai by Extremis

BRAND Extremis
DESIGNER Dirk Wynants
Produced by Extremis, Amai is a rectangular table adjustable in height that turns into a flexible and multifunctional element, thanks to two A-shaped side frames that define the system structure. Between these, the table top (for eight people) can be positioned at two heights: standard (at 75 cm, for seating use) or higher (at 105 cm, for standing use). Besides LED lights, plugs for connectivity and a sunshade can be integrated into the frames. The addition of more A-frames allows to extend to infinity the union of elements, inside and outside the home. The structure is available in galvanized or powder coated stainless steel (Papyrus white, Black, and Copper brown) while the tabletop centerplate can also be perfected with different finishes. One Amai measures 304 cm on 113 cm and is 230 cm high.