Cubic Collection

Absolute geometric rigour, but also essential and elegant shapes for the Cubic Collection by Franchi Umberto Marmi. An apparently light marble translates into furnishing complements with a strong personality and totally customisable. Carrara marble in its precious varieties, from Statuario to Collemandina via Calacatta, is combined with precious fabrics and refined finishes, with exclusive wood essences, with metals that create remarkable contrasts in the details. In these objects, marble reveals its timeless soul together with all its contemporaneity. Cubic-A is the single-seater armchair with vigorous lines and enveloping shapes. It represents the idea of essential luxury in an armchair that is important for its size, but with a minimalist, geometrically inspired design. Cubic-Bed, on the other hand, is the minimalist-style lounger that combines comfort and elegance through perfect proportions and disciplined shapes. Attention to detail for a light marble as never before.