DESIGNER Daniele Lago
Fluttua, Lago’s best seller chosen by over one hundred thousand people worldwide, turns 18. It is a visionary project, born in 2004, which was able to defy the law of gravity by creating a bed suspended on a single leg.
Designed by Daniele Lago, CEO and head of design of the company, Fluttua is an extremely light and essential product in which every superfluous element is eliminated. The single central support, adjustable in height at the time of installation, holds the innovative structure with the bedsprings imperceptible to the eye. An ad hoc fixing allows the bed to be attached to the wall, guaranteeing the highest level of safety for those who sleep. In addition, the absence of the bed frame frees up space in the bedroom and facilitates the cleaning and hygiene of the room.
Over the years, new proposals for materials and finishes have continuously renewed the style and composition of the bed, which can be configured to suit every need and preference: ranging from fabric with rich padding and fine workmanship to Wildwood headboards. The headboards, in wood or fabric, can be complemented with shelves and bedside tables, to be chosen from the range of colors and finishes of the Lago catalogue.
Each elegant architectural solution is ideal for combining the beauty of the bed’s essential lines with maximum comfort.