Al13 by Locatelli

DESIGNER Project office
Massimiliano Locatelli expresses his contribution to conscious design in the Al13 collection with respect for materials and processes of production. The name of the collection by Massimiliano Locatelli Editions derives from the identification of aluminum in the periodic table of chemical elements, Al 13. It is a family of furnishings divided into a table, a stool, a chest of drawers, a cabinet and a bed, all in natural aluminum, polished, anodised in different colors, combined with sheets of glass. The aluminum utilized is the extruded profile used to make window frames which are used here as elements of design which celebrate the ‘sections’. Glass is used by overlapping sheets of different thicknesses so as to visually transform into a precious stone. Aluminum is an element everpresent in nature and like glass, can be recycled indefinitely. All of this is combined with an up-cycle operation that imbues the materials with nobility, and gives them a new use by generating a contemporary compositional language.