Pebble Rubble by Moroso+Kvadrat

BRAND Moroso
DESIGNER Front Design
Pebble Rubble by the Swedish design duo Front Design for Moroso is a sensory experience. Pebble Rubble design conveys a message that transcends the functions and qualities of a common seat. The most evident characteristic is the similarity of the upholstered volumes to those massive rocks, polished by the tireless rain and wind and cloaked by an organic or plant layer capable of softening its roughness and making the surfaces comfortable and welcoming. This meticulous research also generated 16 new textiles, produced by Kvadrat Febrik, 4 of which are made exclusively for Moroso. Their development started with the digital scanning of natural surfaces, and the result offers the possibility of transforming the appearance and personality of each individual element, ranging from chromatic gradations of the multiple minerals to the alluring presence of moss or a delicate snowfall.