Stave by Novamobili

BRAND Novamobili

Stave by Novamobili (design Novamobili Studio) is a wardrobe characterized by two unusual and beguiling design features: the decorative batten door and curved modules.  The vertical battens on the panels come in the rovere veneers (grigio, chiaro, miele and terra) and noce canaletto, as well as the matt and oxidized lacquered finishes. The wardrobe sits happily in a range of different interior design settings, retaining all its elegance, with the curved modules offering myriad solutions: from a corner wardrobe to a long straight run with curves on either end. Stave is ideal for making the best use of space, either set against a wall or as a standalone room divider. The absence of handles enhances the door's decorative battens without ‘contaminating’ the design: the push-to-open mechanism simplifies use and makes the door the undisputed hero.