Telhados by Revolution Archstudio

The seductive Portuguese capital inspired the homonymous furniture collection (my)Lisbonstory signed by Revolution Archstudio by Roberto Bellantoni, which consists of five pieces, including the Telhados coffee table. A city of sea, land and culture, Lisbon is a source of research and profound reflections, arising from the suggestions of light, surfaces, wind, architecture, and history. The collection is made in the shades of the sky (blue linen) and the earth (leather and wood) that are typical of the Portuguese capital. Telhados coffee table is composed by eight elements with irregular geometries and different heights, which are made of wood with a leather top. Combined, they form a single table which, with its large variety of volumes, is a reference to Lisbon’s rooftops - as they appear from the top. The project combines aesthetic research and functional flexibility: it is one single object, but also many at the same time. In the compact version it measures 90x120x45 h cm.