Signum by Celia Stefania Centonze

Signum is part of the new collection created by Celia Stefania Centonze. A piece of furniture in gold leaf and glossy white veneered wood, with an insert in extra mirror steel, which recalls the hallmark of the symbols used by Maestro Marco Nereo Rotelli in his works. The design reaffirms the stylistic code drawing on visual art. The result is a transition between form and function. We could define it as sculpture if it were not founded on the necessary, but this is its beauty, that everything takes its character from necessity itself. Its geometric lines expand to the sides as if they want to wrap around almost to turn to infinity. In design we can grasp the reference to certain aesthetic solutions of the early twentieth century to arrive at new ideas with the safe and conscious use of a contemporary language. What is striking is the coexistence of good design and comfort.