Za:Za by Zanotta

BRAND Zanotta
The Za:Za sofa, design Zaven for Zanotta, is created from an exclusively monobloc research, with soft lines, a tender, embracing expression of a language that takes into account not only aesthetics and comfort, but also the rationalisation of production, it is assembled without using adhesives and with recycled, recyclable and easily dismantled materials to provide a comfortable and discerning product. The classic elements that make up the sofa have been individually examined, broken down and reduced to their bare essentials: the tubular steel frame (in matt black or red) supports suspended loose straps; the armrests, backrest and seat are fitted on the frame like a made to measure suit. The ergonomic structure follows the principle of a hammock that accommodates and suspends the upholstered elements, taking on a natural curve and conforming to the user.