DESIGNER Enzo Catellani

In the ancient art of shodō (Japanese calligraphy), Ensō is an allegory of completeness and enlightenment; a perfect circle in its imperfection that comes from a manual, gentle and spontaneous gesture. During a period spent in Japan, Enzo Catellani discovered the beauty of these slow and precise gestures, still practising today to try to reveal their essence. And this is how the delicate movement of the brush is transferred into three-dimensionality, becoming an object in the new Ensō creation. The blue, hand-painted circle reproduces the fruit of that immediate gesture as if it had been traced in space. Ensō's point of origin seems to be infused with ink that fades to its end. The colour, which fades during its course, does not come to close the circle: it deliberately interrupts the beginning and conclusion of a cycle because there is still openness for growth and evolution. The circle-sculpture rests on a brass base, while the LED light source - for which an innovative patent pending wireless connection and distribution system was used - is hidden behind the structure of the lamp, generating a diffused light effect on the wall.