Lady Galala

Lady Galala bears the signature of Peluffo & Partners and is a tribute, for the shape and colors, to the Egyptian landscape and the mountain of Galala. Ideal lighting complement for both indoor and outdoor, it is a creation light in the materials and playful in the shapes. The design includes a suspension composed of an internal body that combines three conical diffusers of different diameters and shades of colors, reminiscent of the sun and the sea. Yellow and orange, like the light at sunset that is reflected in a thousand shades on the sand; blue and white, like the foam of the sea created by the waves. It can take on multiple configurations of color and shape, easily changing its appearance, as if it were a children's game. It is imagined just moved by the wind, in a dream of colors and joy, assembled and hung more or less casually, for an evening of shisha, tea or Turkish coffee. In the various montages it takes on the oriental face, the Middle Eastern one, the African one, the Mediterranean one, and finally that of our home. A madeleine of light and lightness.