DESIGNER Victor Vasilev

Parallel is a collection of lamps composed of a table lamp and a floor lamp, born from the desire to offer the market a product with a transversal taste, which can fit into different environments, from the most classic to the most modern and rigorous. Parallel consists of a cylindrical metal shade supported by a vertical stem positioned laterally. The stem is composed of two metal flats that run parallel, from the base to the lampshade, spaced apart and painted matt black. The particularity of Parallel is represented by the finish of the lampshade externally covered with a hammered leather available in two different colour shades, leather and sand colour. For the first time, Oluce uses leather to create a collection of lamps, demonstrating its ability to explore new solutions and to continuously renew itself. Attention to detail and an unprecedented tactile and visual perception make Parallel a modern, very geometric lamp, capable of fitting into different design environments and responding to the most diverse style requirements.