In Curved Air

BRAND Platek
In Curved Air it brings light back into the centre of terraces, verandas, porches. It marks every kind of outdoor living space with its presence. The iconographic simplicitỳ of the design, almost a sign traced in the air. And three equally simple elements (base, arched stem, light source) that become the starting point of a material elaboration. The high-quality nautical ropè, dyed in paste, gives the stem great visual and tactile richness. The woven material contrasts with the brushed concrete of the base, terrazzo-polished by hand, and the smooth surface of the metal dome. The custom-made Fresnel optic is the heart of an efficient and calibrated light source. The textile personalitỳ of the stem dialogues easily with all kinds of outdoor furniture. In Curved Air it takes shape in three sizes, to experience the outdoors as whim and moment demand. Two floor lamps, to illuminate an outdoor living area and to accompany reading or conversation, two stakes to brighten up paths or walkways and one stake, to bring light and the right personalitỳ to flowerbeds and other green spaces.