PhilipsMyCreation Coastal Breeze

BRAND Signify
DESIGNER Project office
PhilipsMyCreation Coastal Breeze lamps are an example of the solutions offered by Signify, among the world leaders in lighting, in which sustainability, design and aesthetics go hand in hand. The collection is made using 3D printing by recycling fishing nets thanks to an innovative circular economy process. Through 3D printing, in fact, it is possible to create ‘custom’ designs: an intuitive online configurator allows users to select the basic design and then customize it by choosing the size, color, texture, luminaire pattern, and type of LED bulb to create a unique product made of fully recyclable material. Signify’s investment in 3D printing is the result of perfecting the entire production process in an increasingly flexible and sustainable way. With a focus on environmental protection, the fixtures reduce CO2 emissions by 47% compared to traditional fixtures and, thanks to the use of 100% recyclable polycarbonate materials, every single part can be reused or recycled.