Nautila by Arrital

BRAND Arrital
DESIGNER Franco Driusso
Nautila, designed by Franco Driusso, goes beyond the idea of a kitchen environment and becomes part of the architectural project. The core of the collection is the door characterized by a ribbed aluminium support (16-mm thick), a material renowned for its technical properties which adds high performance in terms of stability and lightness. In addition to Fenix NTM solid colours and Sand and Gloss lacquer coverings, Arrital offers a version with wooden strips of Rovere Fumè, available in brushed or milled finish, with regular or asymmetrical strips. The door will also be available with the innovative 3D texture on printed aluminum sheet, on which stands out the rhomboid lacquered Black Sand decoration. The Alu_Bridge multifunctional element and Sipario portal stand out among the new accessories of the collection.