Eco Collection by Eco Contract + Eco Design

Eco Contract + Eco Design introduces new Eco Collection carpets (Eco Compact, Eco Pro, Eco Rustic e Eco Structure) in collaboration with textile designer and colour alchemist Margrethe Odgaard. Searching for the poetry of industry Margrethe Odgaard focuses on the interaction between colour, material, light and space. The palette consists of colours that complement and elevate each other plus a few vibrant and so-called diva colours to stand out and add pulsating dynamics. The new Eco carpet collections offer 56 new green colours in a wide range of beautiful nuances. We call the colours green because they’re designed to stay stylish for years and because more than 80% of the colour dye is reused again and again during the production process. Thereby, the carpets stand as a proof of our approach to circularity.