Sculture Marmoreals Collection by Alimonti Milano

DESIGNER Gennaro Avallone
Within the new project Marmoreals Collection, promoted by Alimonti Milano and signed by Gennaro Avallone, two like-minded sensibilities meet: a company that has been able to express the most unsuspected potential of marble and an artist-designer who has always stood out for an 'unconventional observation of materials. United by their search for refined textures and experimentation with craftsmanship that enhances details, their meeting has generated a collection of limited-edition sculptures that play on the combination of pieces. Past and Present, Near and Far, Here and Now are the names, allusive of opposites capable of dialoguing with each other, of the works made in Anthracite, Pink Onyx and Ostuni White. Sculptures that live in a single color or in contrasting combinations, in different sizes and in some cases with bronze finishes; they are a tribute to the material through the sensitivity of an artist who knows its secrets.