Yusumi by Ariake & Duxiana

DESIGNER Gabriel Tan
The designer Gabriel Tan signs the Yusumi bed system born from the collaboration between the Japanese company Ariake, of which he is art director, and Duxiana, a Swedish brand specialized in extra comfort spring beds and mattresses. The main feature is the Hinoki wooden headboard. The Japanese cypress Hinoki is Japan’s most revered conifer, renowned for its beautiful clear wood grain and calming fragrance. His aroma is a result of its natural phytoncides and have a range of benefits for humans, from promoting relaxation, calming the nervous system to deterring mites. It also has an air purification effect and is resistant to humidity. The design intention was to combine the properties of Hinoki with the high quality of sleep that Duxiana beds provide. The bed system can have also a cantilevered table of Swedish Kolmården marble or a modular storage drawer unit which can be stacked to match the heights of bed.