Aquarel by Budri

The Aquarel collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Budri, comes from the encounter between Classic Travertine and Iranian Onyx, in different shades. In a play of transparencies, Aquarel interprets the watercolor technique in a contemporary key and enhances the marble surfaces by giving them an artistic language. The pictorial nuances in pastel tones contrast with the apparent roughness of the Travertine, in a harmonious symbiosis of colors and shapes, which gives the collection an artistic allure. The collection consists of two Dining Tables of different sizes, a Low Table, a Paravent and a Covering, as well as the majestic Aquarel Artwork. The nuances of Aquarel include warm tones, such as those of dawn, and cooler tones in shades of blue and green; together, combined with sensitivity, they create surprising combinations.