Alfabetica by Cargo

DESIGNER Project office
From 1981 to today, everything has changed, even the design. Today, High-Tech and Cargo, strengthened by the road travelled so far, propose, on the new site and in the spaces of Piazza XXV Aprile, Alphabetica: a system that is always up-to-date, that accompanies a whole life, following the continuous line, between balance and engineering, that starts from the idea and arrives at its realisation. A modular system, customisable in configuration and finish. Combinable for every type of space and use: living area, kitchen, study, bedroom or laundry room. Flexible, renewable over time, dynamic and adaptable to change. Conceived, designed and produced in Italy with the utmost attention to workmanship and quality, it is available in white for immediate delivery or in the colours of the Cargo palette or can be customised in the entire RAL range.