Collezione Capri by Christian Fischbacher

To create a stunning new indoor-outdoor furnishing fabrics Capri, inspired by the colours, vegetation and architecture of Capri, Swiss textile company Christian Fischbacher has teamed up with the Italian architect and interior designer Giuliano dell’Uva. The collection’s designs are inspired by the lush vegetation of the island and by the glamour of the Capri of the 1960s. The fabrics feature colours that are reminiscent of the sun-drenched landscape of Capri, from deep sea blues to organic greens and elegant ochres: jacquard of diamonds three-dimensional appearance, of stylized leaves, or that interpreting a fisherman's net, stripes creating an optical relief effect. The new collection is also environmentally sustainable, as the fabrics are mainly made from the ecologically sound material hemp, which is known for its durability, strength and sustainability. They are resistant to fading and mould-resistant.