Chess by Collection Particulière

Collection Particulière presents Chess, the console in marble Fior di Pesco, designed by Mathieu Delacroix. Founded in 2014 by Jérôme Aumont, Collection Particulière is a French maison d’edition that knows how to combine materials (wood, marble, leather, ceramic, bronze, brass) with the necessary craftsmanship applied to their workmanship, to create objects and furniture with contemporary lines. Rethinking functionality through a luxury that knows how to be discreet, Collection Particulière works with artisan workshops on a human scale and with international designers such as Christophe Delcourt, Dan Yeffet, Luca Erba and Mathieu Delacroix, with whom it has also collaborated on the 2023 collection. Dimensions: 170x50x75h. cm (small), 190x55x92h. cm (tall).