Babou by Paolo Castelli

DESIGNER Project office
Paolo Castelli presents Babou (design Ufficio Stile), a seat with an unusual and surreal character. The logical combines with the irrational, forms come together in a play of opposites between minimalism and figurative exuberance. Inspired by the art of Surrealist painter Salvador Dali, the armchair is characterized by the design of its structure, an elegant graphic sign that outlines the back supporting the cushioning, made of organic polyurethane. Created as outdoor furniture and also available in indoor versions thanks to the wide range of finishes and colors, Babou reveals the company’s technical know-how and attention to ergonomics that distinguishes Paolo Castelli seating. Eclectic and minimal at first glance, the armchair does not give up being a comfortable and cozy chair. Highly versatile, thanks to a simple coupling system Babou gives life to a new composition, a modular sofa that can be customized according to aesthetic and space requirements.