Cyclades Take your time by Revolution Archstudio


Cyclades Take your time, by Roberto Bellantoni for Revolution Archstudio is a tableware collection evoking suggestions captured on one of the designer's journeys. But, differently from Bellantoni’s previous creations, these objects create a balance between art and design by means of intimate concept: the slow pace typical of a holiday – the Greek islands in this case – and that suspended time, like in slow motion. Cyclades is a hand-made tableware collection made of food lacquer ceramics, and offering two sizes of dinner plates, soup bowls and cone-shaped cup and mug with their saucers, small pitchers/jars, milk jug/sugar bowl and a few plates/trays. Declined in cobalt blue, lime white, gold, green, orange and bougainvillea fuchsia, the collection is coloured with shades that have experienced the taste of happy moments, light and endless time: Take your time.