Fabrics collection by Sahco

DESIGNER Project office
The Sahco story began in 1831. Under the creative direction of Bengt Thornefors, Sahco begins a new exploration, a turn of the page. A universe of contrasts, silhouettes of innocence and experience, the new and the old in fervent dialogue, a mood of restless searching for something more, wild unpredictable beauty. Fluid and transgressive, familiar yet deceptive, traversing the past, present and future. The textile Sahco 2023 collection speaks to almost 200 years of heritage, craft and knowledge expressed in the language of now. Drapery and upholstery textiles that play with paradox and contrasts to find beauty and balance. Exquisite and raw, super-feminine and wild, restless and relaxed, classical and radically new. Individually distinct but transcendent together.