Window Lamp by Seletti

BRAND Seletti
DESIGNER Marcantonio
Window Lamp, a surprising project by Marcantonio for Seletti, illuminates everyday spaces with originality. Expressing the company’s ever-original approach to lighting, Marcantonio imagined Window Lamp, a new product that, playing on the reversal of indoor/outdoor perception, gives rise to a short-circuit of unexpected illusions. In the shape of an archetypal window – available in four variants – Window Lamp breaks down the boundaries of space by creating an illusory opening to a sky dotted with white clouds. From the white frame, a LED dreamily transforms rooms by bringing a shining sky indoors even in the dead of night. Window Lamp combines aesthetics and function: it is a poetic lamp capable of creating unexpected corners in any environment where you can relax or read a book while imagining fantastic landscapes.