Ulivo by Tabu

Ulivo, an industrial inlay made with natural dyed veneers from different wood species, is inspired by the ancient olive trees of the Gargano, in the interpretation of Giovanni di Mauro, winner of the IDEASxWOOD 22/23 Contest, Student Category, of the Brera Academy. “The idea for the project comes from the memory of warm, sunny summer days, where the broad, thick foliage of the Apulian olive trees inebriates the sight of thousands and thousands of reflections,” he explains. Starting from the study of the shape of the olive leaf and its twigs, reworked through a process of geometrization and synthesis, di Mauro has developed a pattern based on elongated hexagons arranged in a herringbone, using four natural dyed veneers with shades ranging from green to beige. A second color variant is available in shades of brown and beige.