Pic-a-stic by Ingo Maurer

BRAND Ingo Maurer
DESIGNER Andreas Walther
Pic-a-stic is a pendant lamp that joins Ingo Maurer’s playful collection. The lamp consists of a set of 50 lacquered wooden rods and a rubber ring that fixes the rods ‘in the air’. Andreas Walther, who originally comes from the field of  ‘stop-motion film’, had the idea of capturing the moment when the sticks of the game Mikado are released before they fall apart. There are two sets of pic-a-stic: a version made of black and white sticks plus two red sticks and a colourful version with blue, red and orange sticks. Thus pic-a-stic leaves room for free design and the owner becomes a co-designer, as with many earlier models by Ingo Maurer. One can plug the lamp in many different variants, which can be varied and expanded by individual colour combinations.