BRAND Arredo3
DESIGNER Ufficio Progetti
A perfect example of the core business of Arredo3, based on a wide range of customizations, Kronos is a custom-made kitchen with quality made in Italy features and design. Thanks to the modularity of the volumes, the color palette and the combination of materials and finishes, it is designed, like every model of the company, to be able to adapt with great compositional flexibility to the requests of the customer who often has a very precise idea of the kitchen that would like and formulates a very articulated demand under various aspects. The versatility of Kronos makes each composition unique thanks to the available materials, such as Laminam, glass, wood, laminate, HPL and Fenix-NTM. It is also a model that lends itself to be designed for large spaces, creating comfortable convivial places.
The photo gallery shows different compositions: a first version characterized by two very distinct operating areas, with separate washing and cooking, but connected by volumes intended to make fluid the environment and the transition from one function to another. The division between the volumes is emphasized by the use of different materials: top in gray Laminam Savoia stone, gray shadow matt lacquered boiserie, trays with ebony oak sides, islands with ceramic slab, resistant to scratches and heat, and doors with aluminum frame.
In the other proposal instead, the operating area is highlighted by a change in the thickness of the top in correspondence with the washing block. The island is equipped with the Modus channel resting on two levels while a thin titanium painted aluminum frame gives lightness to the doors. Interspersed with Air titanium elements, the columns in Fenix Jaipur red are spacious and perfect for the pantry or as containers for accessories and appliances, allowing you to make the most of vertical space.
The possibility of customizing a bespoke kitchen in all its aspects, both decorative and functional, is one of the founding values of Arredo3. An evident ability to offer infinite ways of choice, ensuring a product with attention to every detail designed together with the end user.