BRAND Arrital
DESIGNER Franco Driusso
With the update of the Ak_Project system, the Friuli-based company confirms its leadership in the design of storage units. The kitchen is the place devoted to daily conviviality, to the creative act of food preparation, to sharing. It is the functional and emotional barycentre of the home, the place most experienced. It is an environment that must be able to transmit security, tranquillity and harmony. Ak_Project is a system that integrates, merges with the architecture, creating a material and emotional continuum where the boundary between furniture and built is almost imperceptible. The Sipario portal, composed of 4 packet doors is a structure offered in multiple configurations and finishes, available with and without a hood, in 2 external widths, 3 heights and 3 depths. In the 2022 update, Sipario is presented in the version with doors in a Tonga wood-effect finish and an integrated working hob area on a steel top. Lighting and extractor hood with remote control are embedded in the structure, which includes an electrified bar and DayBox elements in the same finish as the doors. Completing the collection are the furniture elements dedicated to the living area of the Feeling Home collection, including: the Pass System entrance module, the GEM display cabinets in the new 120 cm modularity and equipped with new internal accessories (bottle holder, glass holder, plate holder), Ak_Winery, the Vertical bookcase and the Lympha hanging lamp that can be customised with the finishes of the kitchens.