BRAND Falmec
DESIGNER Ufficio Progetti
Falmec's Monolith series, modular and flexible, is capable of disappearing when not needed and reappearing discreetly when in use. All technical parts are integrated into the furniture design and kitchen components in a surprising and rational way. Monolith is the modular system from the Elements collection (which also includes Air Wall and Shelf) that rests on the kitchen worktop. The 90-centimetre suction element is flanked by storage modules that can be placed either on the right or left. The accessories are of varying sizes (30, 60, 90 centimetres) and lighten the cooking surface by concealing an equipped channel where tools can be kept at hand at all times: ladles, spices, knives, chopping boards and other utensils, as well as electrical sockets for a kitchen to be lived in total practicality. The suction module opens slightly when in operation to allow suction and access to the lighting and power controls, while the matt black aluminium structure houses a frosted glass front in the vertical part, integrating an ambient light that gives a pleasant hanging effect.