Villa d'Este by Visionnaire

BRAND Visionnaire
DESIGNER Mauro Lipparini
The Villa d’Este kitchen project designed by Mauro Lipparini for Visionnaire is characterized by concave and convex shapes, with clear references to the skill of making and the care of details. The protagonists are the Tivoli wood paneling and the central island. The boiserie can be an architectural extension of the living room, integrating doors, wall units, shelves and incorporating opaque and transparent coplanar lights and furniture. The central island is the point of reference: it is a "enjoying" cuisine that is happiness in the sharing of flavors, aesthetics and space, in the pleasure of extending the time for more complete conviviality, in the sacredness of preparation, where taste is sublimed and creativity. Materials such as the essences of ziricote and Patagonia quartzite, interact with the faceted etched glass and the workmanship of the boiserie.