Petits Bijoux


Petits Bijoux by Catellani & Smith is a lamp that describes a suspended and hypnotic movement. It might look like a spiral, but instead it is a sphere made of metal circles joined by thin, almost invisible threads. The electrical part is also reduced to a minimum, not hidden, but camouflaged. The regularity of the formal trend is interrupted by small transparent covers, which hide the light source and introduce a hyperdecorative pause. A little as if in the repetition of everyday life we let ourselves be surprised by the wonder of the precious details. Petits Bijoux celebrates the perfection of universal geometries, with the circle as a metaphor for infinity, a dear and recurring theme in Catellani & Smith's production. Petits Bijoux, like all other models, was born in the company's creative and artisan research laboratory, whose goal is always to break down the technical limits to freely explore formal inspiration.