DESIGNER Giulia Archimede
The process begins with a blown glass that is then stretched by hand to give the sheet the characteristic irregularities visible in transparency, while maintaining a perfectly smooth surface. Talismano is a table lamp designed by Giulia Archimede in collaboration with the Products Development Team of Catellani & Smith. The brass structure encloses an iridescent glass, the result of elaborate experimentation and a working process consisting of several stages, through which the particular effect that characterises it and makes each piece unique has been obtained. A process of a chemical-physical nature makes it possible to obtain the iridization of the glass, which, by filtering the light generated by the LED sources hidden in the structure, generates unexpected warm hues that fade from yellow to red, while simultaneously illuminating the wall behind the lamp. The magic of Talismano does not stop there, because when switched off, the natural light interacts with the iridescence of the glass, returning delicate cerulean-pink hues. Photos by Nava Rapacchietta