One year after its first release, the innovative system by Michael Anastassiades for Flos is offered in the new finish: Argent. A lighter color that gives a feeling of greater brightness and brilliance to the surrounding space. Born as a bespoke product destined for the dining room of the Four Seasons Hotel in New York in 2018, the original color of Coordinates is brass, translated by Flos in the Anodized Champagne finish for a collection that includes four suspension and ceiling models, of and different shapes, and a repeatable module that composes a luminous Cartesian grid. Plus the floor and wall versions. It is now presented in a new finish: Argent. A colder, metallic, iridescent shade that recalls the moonlight. A lighter color that gives the feeling of greater brightness and brilliance to the surrounding space, a shade that better reflects the light and colors of the space. Above all, in its new Coordinates finish it does not contradict those parts of innovations proposed in the pure research work of Anastassiades. On the contrary, it puts them in communication with the industry, finding a code that disarms the idea of ​​a seriality unable to speak to the person and his individual needs.

Photo by Tommaso Sartori