In Vitro Unplugged

DESIGNER Philippe Starck
In Vitro is a diaphanous micro-architecture, without a visible outline. A contemporary lantern that Flos produces in all useful versions. Today the collection is completed by the portable rechargeable and portable In Vitro Unplugged lamp. At the apex of the lamp, the handle makes transport and positioning easy. The body is in powder-coated die-cast aluminum with a finish suitable for outdoor use. As in the other versions, the structure with three uprights that join the base and apex has the function of protecting the blown borosilicate glass dome. Like the other lanterns in the collection, it is available in six different colors: black, white and anthracite, deep brown, terracotta, forest green and pale green. It has a dimmable driver with an optical touch sensor that allows you to adjust the light intensity in 4 steps.