Varmblixt by IKEA

DESIGNER Sabine Marcelis
With the new collection Varmblixt Sabine Marcelis and IKEA want to embrace, together, the potential of light at home and emphasize the beauty and its positive impact on people’s emotional wellbeing. Amongst other items, the collection also includes lamps such as a circular LED wall lamp which captures the surprising duality of the Varmblixt lighting products. When they are turned on, they emit a warm light that changes the look and feel of your room; when turned off, they are beautiful sculptural objects that will make a statement wherever they’re placed. A second LED wall lamp model that captures a sleeker design, nodding to Sabine’s focus of creating emotional lighting, can be mounted horizontally or vertically and can be grouped with more lamps to create an eye-catching light installation in your home thanks to its flexible design. Collection launch: Spring 2023.