BRAND Bencore
Willpower and pragmatic strategies are needed to begin a transition towards sustainability. And the willingness to get involved and learn what it means to go green. The story of Bencore tells it in facing the challenges of the future, using the practices of recycling and reuse to exploit discarded plastic materials (bottles, soap containers, PET detergents) to produce panels for furniture. This is how Wasbottle was born, a 100% recycled and recyclable material. This detail is not negligible because when it comes to the recycling of plastic materials, there is the risk of a great misunderstanding about the effective effectiveness of the reuse of raw materials. To recycle plastic, new plastic is almost inevitably needed, even in minimal percentages. The functional qualities of Bencore products, on the other hand, require great lightness and 100% recycled plastics are really light. Another problem: the color. Adding color to recycled plastics means making them no longer recyclable. The problem with Wasbottle is overcome by the clever use of the ornamental qualities of a multicolor surface. The panels are cheerful, colorful, informal. And they disappear into environments and become part of the colorful scenery and constant movement typical of public spaces or places for collective use. Wasbottle has therefore fully entered the Bencore product catalog, because its characteristics make it a competitive and sustainable addition, also suitable for any type of customer.