Cotto del Campiano

DESIGNER Project office
The new Cir Ceramiche proposal is Cotto del Campiano, a collection with which the Gruppo Romani brand presents a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Italian terracotta by reinterpreting it in porcelain stoneware, a highly resistant, simple and inexpensive material.
Cir Ceramiche includes it in the catalogue by relaunching bold colours and shades that move away from the neutral and industrial trend of recent years. The most typical colours of the Tuscan territories are recovered, whose soil changes colour depending on the area: Giallo Umbria, Rosso Siena, Terra di Pienza and the multicoloured Cotto Dorato summarise the evocative shades of colour that the handmade material assumes on according to the origin of the clays used in its production.
The realization in porcelain stoneware makes the collection a rational choice, easy to maintain and with an intuitive and quick installation. The wide and versatile format range starts from the small 10x20 cm and extends up to 40x60.8 cm, also allowing multi-format laying, including the Modular 39 solution that Cir includes into the collection as a premixed mix.
Alongside the classic colours, there are also some more sophisticated colours and cuts: Bianco Antico, in a glossy version, and Decoro Campiano Mix, which are redesigned in 20x20 cm tiles and in the characteristic hexagonal 15.8x18.3 cm format. A range of proposals that are suitable for minimalist interpretations.
Cotto del Campiano is a collection designed to meet the different needs of interior design, celebrating the beauty of a historical material that has ancient roots in Mediterranean culture and is present in everyone's imagination as a synonymous with home and warmth.