Abaco Celeste by Ceramiche Giovanni De Maio

Inspired by the dialogue between memory and landscape, Cristina Celestino and Ceramiche Giovanni De Maio see the beginning of their collaboration while aiming to bring light to ornaments, indelible signs and translating them into new identities. The memory drawn onto consists of seascape fragmets, minerals conglomerates, geometric warp and earthy patterns. Vietri’s classical hues of Abaco Celeste collection are reinterpreted though a contemporary code by five main impressions, Helios, Thalassa, Chloris, Peplo and Graphé. They intertwine, match, combine and evolve creating different scenarios and sets each time, new portraits and interior stories. The collection sets an abacus of elective affinities where iconography and chromaticism redefine a new way to conceive wall coverings.