Metamorfosi by RAK Ceramics

BRAND Rak Ceramics
DESIGNER Project office
Metamorfosi from the Signature Collection by RAK Ceramics is the innovative ceramic product that combines the material appeal of resin-effect spatulate porcelain stoneware slabs with vivid colours and bold decors. Inspired by the scenic beauty of large format slabs, the collection presents a unique spectrum of shapes and colours that evoke nature. From vivid shades of blue, ivory and pink as base colours to lush tropical leaves and blooming flowers as decorative motifs, Metamorphosis pays homage to the majestic forms and visual effects of nature. The surface movements appear as if made by hand with a spatula, in a modern reinterpretation of Venetian plaster techniques. Available in 9 colours and 11 decors, it is ideal for residential and commercial environments.