Nicolle Side Stool by Chaises Nicolle

DESIGNER Paola Navone
More than a century after its creation, the French company Chaises Nicolle unveils, for the first time in Milan, a collection of outdoor and waterproof chairs designed by Paola Navone, including the Nicolle Side Stool h.45. Three big innovations have been brought by Paola Navone – Studio OTTO. An elegant perforation in the metal lightens the structure and lets light go through. An innovative cataphoresis treatment of steel protects it very well against corrosion; this process used by the automotive and aeronautical industries immerses the parts in an hot bath before epoxy powder coating. Finally, a change in the size of the seat is introduced for some models. Chaises Nicolle will decline this new range in 2022 in several sizes of chairs or stools and a new choice of standard colors will be presented. Custom colors on request.