DESIGNER Project office
Recta by Spatium, an Iron Sistemi brand, was born as an interpretation, within a domestic living space, of a new concept of personal spa intended as an above-ground and customizable oasis of well-being. Thanks to the technological research and design intelligence of the Iron Sistemi team that oversaw its development and modularity, Recta guarantees the best configuration in indoor and outdoor areas of the home, from the garden to the terrace, from the living room to the bedroom.
The external equipment of the pool with modular upholstered cushions, covered in removable fabric, which can be assembled as desired, makes it possible to create a small living room adjacent to the water space with the possibility of also a storage pouf that can be used as a seat or a stand. Conceived for maximum customization, both for domestic and hotel environments, all the models in the collection are characterized by clear, essential lines, ideal for adapting to the needs of designers.
Iron Sistemi has created a made in Italy collection with very high technological and aesthetic innovation, a versatile and innovative project that balances the technical-industrial language with that of modern design. Self-supporting above-ground pools whose strength, in addition to the innovative and refined design, is the ease of installation, with short assembly times.