DESIGNER Project office

Lunaris is Alice's collection inspired by the moon. An original combination of form and function characterises the collection of ceramic basins, stainless steel structures and a circular mirror, complete with illuminating accessory and zoom mirror. The design is provided by the sinuous line of the semi-circular basin, inscribed in a parallelepiped with rounded edges that creates a functional shelf as a storage surface. It is available in the single-bowl version in three sizes: 61x45 cm, 81x45 cm or 101x45 cm, or in the two-bowl 121x45 cm version. Many colours and finishes. In the Matt finish: White, Black, Coffee, Grey, Sand, Pink, Laguna, Ginger and Mauve. In the glossy finish: Myrtle, Pine, Tabasco, Honey and classic White. Four, on the other hand, are available in Materia finish, an exclusive production treatment called decalcomania, for the versions: Carrara, Marquinia, Bronze and Amazon. Two, finally, are the Metalli finishes, available only for the washbasin and ceramic top: Platinum and Gold. Finally, the mirror is the must-have accessory of the entire collection.It comes in a circular version in a single Ø 70 cm size to match all sink sizes, and is made of powder-coated stainless steel, white or black. The ceramics are protected by the Aliglaze+ system, a special antibacterial enamel that guarantees the surfaces remain clean and germ-free. This type of glaze has proven effective thanks to its composition that includes antimicrobial agents such as silver ions, titanium and zinc that prevent the growth of bacteria. The enamel is designed to resist wear and abrasion over time.