3DWall Carve

The result of complex research straddling history, craftsmanship and technology, the 3DWall Carve collection by Atlas Concorde is characterized by the extreme precision of the micro-reliefs that outline its surface, drawing inspiration from the ancient know-how of carving artisans, capable of imparting the vitality of nature to stone through evocative movement effects.
3D Wall Carve consists of minimalist patterns, three-dimensional to the touch and sight, which recall the natural material. It is a collection designed for contemporary environments that consists of five variations on the theme of micro-relief. Chisel is characterized by horizontal lines inspired by concrete with a combed effect. Leaf expresses a particular artistic approach with a foliage pattern created by chiselling. Whittle plays with overlapping strips with marked reliefs and soft ribbon motifs. Finally, 3D Sign and 3D Squares are decorative elements designed by Piero Lissoni for a capsule collection, inspired by the relationship between technique and art, which aims to bring the authentic artisanal touch of manual stone processing to the ceramic surface.
For 3D Sign Piero Lissoni, clearly influenced by abstract painting, has created an irregular surface thanks to plays of light and shadow, while with 3D Squares he provides a free interpretation of the handcrafted micromosaic with irregular tesserae that give character to the surface.
3DWall Carve joins the series of innovative materials, the result of creativity and industrial capacity, that led the ADI Permanent Design Observatory to select Atlas Concorde in the ‘Design of Materials and Technological Systems’ category, after the company had already been awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2022.